Frequently asked questions

Did you work with sustainability experts?

We worked based on scientific peer-reviewed literature on food sustainability (such as the EAT-Lancet Commission report); with the help of restaurants carbon footprints calculated by a non profit based in California. Our scoring criteria were reviewed by a Harvard Professor.

How does it work?

Interested restaurants sign up on the FiG website after taking our short test. An evaluation is planned on the phone. Some documents can be required, that they can upload securely on a dedicated platform. FiG will evaluate their eligibility, give them feedback on their strengths and on needed improvements. If they are eligible they will be promoted on TripAdvisor and The Fork with the FiG badge during one year, at the end of which a new audit must be planned to renew the badge.

What happens if my restaurant is not eligible?

An audit report will be sent to you by email with a list of recommended actions. If you implement these actions and send proof to FiG, you will become eligible and your FiG badge will be displayed on TripAdvisor and The Fork for one year. If you do not implement these actions you will not be eligible and will not benefit from the FiG badge but you will have no “negative rating” displayed anywhere.

How much does it cost?

Annual membership is free. FiG is a non-profit with private funding.

Will there be “negative” ratings?

No. Eligible restaurants will be able to display the FiG badge. Non eligible restaurants will not display the FiG badge but they will not have negative ratings either, evaluation results are strictly confidential.

How long does an evaluation take?

At first, we schedule a 30-minute call. If documents are required, the evaluation results are available less than 5 business days after we receive the documents.

What are the criteria to be eligible?

The criteria relate to:

  • sustainable ingredients (proportion of seasonal ingredients, of organic ingredients, of local ingredients, sustainable meat and fish);
  • waste and energy (does the restaurant compost organic waste, purchase renewable energy…).

Each sustainable action brings points to the restaurant. The restaurant needs to reach a minimum number of points to get the FiG badge (details are in the evaluation report).

Do I have to use organic ingredients?

The only mandatory requisites are to sort and recycle, and offer one vegetarian option. No organic minimum is required.

What are the benefits for my restaurant?

If you are eligible, your FiG badge will be automatically promoted on TripAdvisor, TheFork, and other restaurant discovery platforms. There will be a special search filter, making it easy for eco-friendly customers to find you. If you are not eligible yet we’ll work with you to implement easy actions and help you become eligible.

Is the FiG badge only for vegetarian restaurants?

Not at all. However, even sustainable meat has a much stronger impact on our environment than plant based foods. Thus it should be consumed in reasonable amounts with a large variety of plant-based food. This will benefit both our environment and our health.

Does a restaurant have to be on The Fork, TripAdvisor or another platform to be eligible?

No! Any restaurant can become part of the FiG network and benefit from the evaluation, support to become more sustainable, and a sticker for their window. However if they are not on The Fork or TripAdvisor their badge can’t be displayed by these platforms.

Can I use my badge on my own website?

Yes! If you are eligible you will be able to display the badge and link to our website from your restaurant website.

What is the link between FiG and its partners?

FiG is an independent non-profit and partners with TripAdvisor and others to promote the eco-friendly badge. All the documentation used by FiG during the audit stays strictly confidential.

I know a sustainable restaurant, how can I recommend them to you?

Feel free to contact us via our Contact page.